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Posted by stu glover on 29th June 2010 
Where are you? St.helens
How did you find our site?    by chance
Comments hi everybody does anybody know if you can walk from stocken heath to lymm along the canal without using the roads, and how long would it take?
regards stuie

Posted by Bill Kilvert on 5th June 2010 
Where are you? Cairns, Queensland, Australia
How did you find our site?    Googling Bridgewater Canal
Comments I have just spent two hours "walking along the Bridgewater Canal" on my computer. Thank you very much for your photography, this is an excellent Website. Keep up the good work.

I was born in Salford and lived in Flixton as a small child, before going to Australia. I have a twin brother, Pete, who lives in Urmston M/c and does a lot of walking and photography around the Manchester area. I will ask him to look at your site and make some comments on some of the "landmarks".


Posted by Patrick on 5th April 2010  
Where are you? Manchester
How did you find our site?    bridgewater
Comments Great idea. Also good family activity for Dads & lads

Posted by jeni on 24th March 2010  
Where are you? Stockton Heath
How did you find our site?    just by mooching around
Comments Your walk from Stockton Heath to Runcorn: It's a shame you didn't have time to pop into Norton Priory on your walk, it has a great cafe where you could have replenished yourselves.

Posted by Frances Parkinson on 11th November 2009 
Where are you? Bolton
How did you find our site?    links to Wigan World
Comments Excellent site. Very informative. I've never ventured further than Lydiate (2002) by boat. I wondered if you ever do talks on your canal walks? I am programme organizer for Manchester Bolton and Bury Canal Society and would really appreciate it if it was possible for you to do this at one of our open meetings.

Posted by Ricard on 3rd September 2009 
Where are you? Croston, Lancs
How did you find our site?    recommended by - er you!!!
Comments Great site - lets melook at all the places I love when I cant get to the in the dead of winter on Elysium! Keep up the good work!

Posted by Maureen on 25th August 2009  
Where are you? Trafford
How did you find our site?    Googled canal walks
Comments I loved the comments from your walks - I was thinking of walking from Barton through to Stretford - I'll be wary of the goose now.
I will visit your site again to follow the adventures of Brian and Thomas in Canal World.

Posted by tony on 15th July 2009  
Where are you? eccles
How did you find our site?    i fell
Comments nice photos of this area

Posted by Bill Stevenson on 5th July 2009 
Where are you? Garstang Lancashire
How did you find our site?    Email from you!
Comments Astonishing! An inspiration to the rest of us.

Posted by Angela on 9th May 2009  
Where are you? Warrington
How did you find our site?    search engine
Comments Very informative and interesting site. I enjoy walking along canals with my partner and he is a keen photographer. Nice to see your ideas about getting trains back.
Keep up your good work. Best wishes

Posted by Chris McCormick on 15th April 2009 
Where are you? Pemberton. Wigan.
How did you find our site?    Wigan World
Comments Hi Brian
Congratulations on your new site, I'm sure it will become as popular as your other sites. I have visited many canal sites but none have much contribution to the cyclist. Perhaps it may be a idea for you to take note of the tow paths as to if they in your opinion are suitable for cyclist. I prefare to cycle along the canal as I'm sure many more cyclist do. Just an idea.
keep up the good work.

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