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Posted by Mike and Lynda on 9th June 2022 
Where are you? Leigh area
How did you find our site?    browsing
Comments What a great site - we are going to walk from Leigh to Elland near Halifax via the canal towpaths, and found your site very informative. It gave us an insight as to how long it would take us to walk to Manchester, our first stop. Rochdale is our second, and Todmorden our third and final stop before the Calder and Hebble Navigation to Elland. Your photos are really excellent and gave us knowledge on what to expect on the first part of our journey. Just so you know, the £4.50 bus fare was a Day Saver and you could have used it free of charge for your return journey!! We will certainly use your site again when we tackle more of the Bridgewater canal. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

Posted by Jules and Dave on 4th October 2021  
Where are you? Lancaster Canal
How did you find our site?    Searching walks on the canal
Comments We are on holiday on a boat cruising the Lancaster canal. Found your site very interesting where to stop etc. What a lovely idea for you and your son, happy memories 😊

Posted by Alice and Lewis on 15th January 2020  
Where are you? Liverpool
How did you find our site?    Researching the Leeds Liverpool canal
Comments Thanks so much for this website. We live in Liverpool and have begun walking the canal using your website as a guide - although we are going in the opposite direction to you. So far we have done Liverpool to Burscough. Hoping to make the next section a weekend trip. Very useful website. Hope you and your son are well - we are the same age as your son!

Posted by Barrie on 5th February 2019  
Where are you? Manchester
How did you find our site?    Searching Lancaster canal
Comments Great pics
We have a boat moored in Catforth, Roots Bridge 30
Really enjoyed viewing photos 😀👍

Posted by June Gornall on 2nd January 2019 
Where are you? Garstang
How did you find our site?    Browsing
Comments Great website with good photos. Today, I walked from bridge 22 on the Lancaster Canal to the terminus in Preston with my friend,Mary. We've now walked all sections south of Lancaster and hope to complete sections north of Lancaster this year.

Posted by Mo Byrne on 14th June 2018 
Where are you? Argyll, Scotland
How did you find our site?    Browsing
Comments Good to see u pics of this lovely canal, just what I was looking for. Taking a boat on the canal 2018 and just wanted to see what it was like. Enjoy u walking. Thanks
Regards M

Posted by Judith Turner on 9th July 2017 
Where are you? Bradford West Yorkshire
How did you find our site?    Searching for info on Leeds Liverpool Canal
Comments Love your web site it is helping us plan our walks along the canal. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences.

Posted by Fred and Audrey on 19th May 2017 
Where are you? West Yorks
How did you find our site?    Browsimg
Comments Caldon and Shropshire Union completed and Cromford started. Kennet and Avon and Llangolan routes planned and bus time tables downloaded,hotels booked so ready for the off in June. We've now passed the 1400 mile mark but still plenty to do.

Posted by Fred and Audrey on 10th February 2017 
Where are you? West Yorks
How did you find our site?    Browsing
Comments First post for a long time.We've now walked 1300mls of towpath. Caldon next then Shropshire Union and Cromford. Love it!

Posted by David Hall on 5th January 2016 
Where are you? Derby, UK
How did you find our site?    Searched for Leeds-Liverpool canal information
Comments I found the Leeds-Liverpool canal walk blog as I'm planning to do the same later this year (in stages, obviously) I've walked the Birmingham-Worcester canal plus sections of the Trent & Mersey. Your blog is an excellent resources so many thanks for taking the time & trouble to write it. I've only now found my way to this site so I shall bookmark this as well. Best regards, David

Posted by eddie pimlott on 5th December 2015 
Where are you? Sydney Australia
How did you find our site?    wanted to find pics of the canal
Comments Great site >> brings back so many memories of the places that i used to fish from Altrincham to Warrington before i went to see if the grass was greener on the other side of the hill(world) I would love to be back fishing Warrington Anglers waters especialy the "cut" as i lived close to Dunham Massey before i went to Colonial land Good Health to one and all

Posted by peter priestner on 16th November 2015 
Where are you? Higher walton, Warrington
How did you find our site?    checking out Bridgewater Canal walks
Comments Glad the Stockton Heath to Runcorn walk was found enjoyable but you missed a couple of pubs at Walton (Walton Arms plus Walton Gardens café) and Red Lion in Moore- the two pubs are only a couple of hundred yards diversion from the canal towpath.

Posted by Joseph Baron on 27th September 2015 
Where are you? Norfolk near King's Lynn
How did you find our site?    Nostalgia for past
Comments I used to live in Leigh and as a boy I loved walking, jogging and cycling along the canal bank. I remember coal barges in 2s and 3s and boys hanging on for a free ride. I remember walking on the thick ice in Butts Basin and boat rides in the summer...happy times!

Posted by maureen byrne on 11th May 2015 
Where are you? Crinan Canal, Argyll
How did you find our site?    Search on web
Comments Loved your pics and found it very interesting as we are going on a narrow boat some time in May. Cheers to all.

Posted by Will yoxall on 30th April 2015  
Where are you? lymm
How did you find our site?    search
Comments eddie pimlott please contact me via James fox

Posted by roger howes on 15th October 2014 
Where are you? kidlington
How did you find our site?    searched we
Comments Would you like a postcard copy of deep cutting bridge from 1920ish

Posted by Jill Hudson on 1st May 2014 
Where are you? Cumbria too!
How did you find our site?    Browsing
Comments What a lovely idea, to walk canals and photograph your adventures! From a train somewhere near Lancaster I saw a gorgeous canal and a pretty pub with hanging baskets, called The Plough, but now I can't find out exactly where it was! Do you happen to know??

Posted by Sas on 20th April 2014  
Where are you? Cumbria
How did you find our site?    Browsing
Comments Thank you SO much for such a wonderful photographic 'walk' along the Lancaster Canal. I was born near the original 'start' at the Preston end, near University of Central Lancs, so a great 'return journey' for me.

Could you do the Leeds Liverpool next please?!!!!

Posted by Andrea on 8th January 2014  
Where are you? wigan
How did you find our site?    browsing
Comments great site ! loved to see photos of places roamed as a child. have lived all around worsley / boothstown all my life. how things change and not always for good. keep up the good work and consider a book . i would certainly buy it .

Posted by Andy on 22nd October 2013  
Where are you? Stoke-on-Trent
How did you find our site?    Browsing
Comments Great adventures ! You have taken a comprehensive pictorial view of the canals and I have to find the Lancaster Canal soon ! Me and my neighbour have walked over 100 miles this year including Macc Canal and Caldon in full. Very enjoyable. As you say, away from roads and traffic. Great Site !

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