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Lancaster Canal, Garstang to Lancaster
Date walked: Saturday, 24th March 2012.   Distance: 13 miles View photos of this walk

Lancaster Canal We walked from Garstang to Lancaster on Saturday, 24th March 2012. A 13-mile walk, our third along the Lancaster Canal.

It's been a while

It's been 18 months since our last walk. My son is 16 years of age and has discovered girlfriends. I've gone self employed and work more than I used to!

Journey to Garstang

We left home at 9am and caught a train from Wigan North Western station a few minutes later. We got off the train at Preston and had a short stroll across town where we caught the bus to Garstang. The train journey took 13 minutes and the bus journey took 40 minutes. We arrived at Kepple Lane bridge in Garstang at 10:15am.


Incredible weather for March, it was 18 degrees and clear blue skies. I managed the whole walk in a tee shirt.

Fields and bridges

The 13-mile stretch was beautiful. Most of the walk was in the countryside, often many miles from roads so it was nice and peaceful. Most of the photos I took were of fields and bridges as there wasn't much else to see. Not complaining, we enjoyed it in the middle of nowhere.


We walked to Galgate before we had a chance to stop anywhere for lunch. The local pub (The Plough) was very busy bustling with diners indoors and out. We were in no rush as we were ready for a rest and a drink. The food and service was excellent, there were only 2 people behind the bar but they worked extremely well under pressure.

Mud and not much else

With just over 4 miles to go, it was the usual bridges and fields. The towpath was very muddy in places.


We made it to Lancaster at around 4pm having slowly strolled the last couple of miles. I was aching! Even as we entered the city, the canal was still beautiful and the surrounding stone houses looked nice too. We left the canal at bridge 98 and made our way up Regent Street towards the station. The station wasn't far and we called for ice-cream and drinks on the way.

Journey home

We caught the 4:38pm train from Lancaster and we were back in Wigan for 5:15pm. Transport for the day came in at around 40. That's 30 for the train and 10 for the bus.

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